College and Career Readiness

College and career readiness toolkit graduation out of school time program providers guide

MOST's College and Career Readiness Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to help middle and high school out-of-school-time programs get laser focused on building 21st century skills and supporting young people as they navigate through the complex world of planning for their advanced education and careers.

We will be adding free and low cost professional development resources including videos, online courses and opportunities for live virtual training.

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College & Career Readiness Training for Providers

Since launching the CCR Toolkit in February, MOST has been collecting a team of highly qualified training personnel to deliver this information to our program partners and the communities we serve. We have partnered with Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center to provide training to programs wishing to incorporate college and career readiness into their curricula.

Contact Executive Director Ellie Mitchell at for all inquiries regarding College & Career Readiness Training.

The College & Career Readiness Advisory Board

MOST Network has established a diverse, statewide advisory board to promote the expansion of college and career readiness resources across Maryland. Each of them brings their unique skillset and institutional background to bear in providing these essential tools to our young people as they prepare for life after high school. We are proud to host such an amazing group of individuals and are excited for the continued growth and expansion of the CCR initiative. Meet our wonderful board members and liaisons here!

This toolkit was created with support from a Career and College Readiness Opportunity Grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.