MD Coalition for Community Schools


About The Coalition

The Maryland Coalition for Community Schools was founded in 2016 to advocate for student and family success by leading the charge to expand the Community School Model in Maryland.

What We Do:

  • Unite stakeholders like students, parents, school administrators, & practitioners
  • Advocate for funding & policy expansion at the city, state, and federal level
  • Build capacity through technical assistance & support


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About Community Schools in Maryland

Maryland is home to over 500 community schools across 23 counties and Baltimore City. The Blueprint Bill for Maryland’s Future, passed in 2020 and officially enacted in the 2021 legislative session, created a pathway for eligible public schools across the state to access state and local funding to implement the strategy, hire community school coordinators and healthcare practitioners, and identify and integrate services and supports for their students and families.

To learn more about the Blueprint Bill and the Concentration of Poverty Grant Program, access our toolkit designed especially for practitioners and district leaders.

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