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In Maryland we know there are simply not enough opportunities for young people in the out of school hours (afterschool and summer).  We also know that finding high-quality, appropriate afterschool and summer activities for children can be even more difficult and frustrating for parents of youth with disabilities.  MOST is dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of out of school time opportunities for ALL of Maryland’s young people.  To that end, we want to take a focused and strategic look at how the Out of School Time field in Maryland can better serve young people with disabilities.

The Baltimore Out-Of-School Time Inclusion Project began in 2014 with the goal of increasing opportunities for low-income youth with disabilities to participate safely and effectively in after school and summer programs. MOST has collaborated with Ramapo for Children to continue Baltimore focused cohorts of the OST Inclusion Project and will continue to offer workshops and trainings throughout the year and during our conference.

MOST is also committed to making our website, trainings, and materials accessible and will provide additional accommodations for all our events on request.

For a general guide for parents, youth and OST providers, "Together Beyond the School Day: Including Youth with Disabilities in Out of School Time Programs" is available online as a helpful manual for facilitating inclusion in OST programs.

Data and policy recommendations are included in the Maryland Development Disabilities Council publication: Child Care and Out of School Time Activities: Increasing Quality and Access for Children With Disabilities.

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