Contact Name:
Pascha Lee


(410) 523-5683


Organization Website:

Brief Program Description:
Imagine Me Ministries (Imagine Me), founded in 2007, has served over 500 girls in Baltimore City and matched over 8o girls with a one-on-one mentor. Our mission is to Inspire Girls to Embrace a ‘Life of Promise’ and mature into dynamic young women through long term mentoring relationships with caring adult women. Imagine Me reaches beyond Baltimore City and serves girls detained from all over the State of Maryland through the Department of Juvenile Services. Imagine Me believes in equipping each girl with tools that will be instrumental to her success as she grows and develops through different stages of her life, i.e., middle school, high school, college and beyond.   

Our overarching organizational goals are to: 

Provide girls with the tools to make productive life choices in environments that provide long term, relentless support and accountability to ensure that right decisions become the norm and not an anomaly. 

Increase high school choice acceptance, high school graduation, college preparation, college acceptance and completion, and career readiness in the underserved and under-resourced communities of the inner City of Baltimore and beyond. 

Imagine Me offers a customized curriculum that focuses on delivering weekly in-school, after-school, and out-of-school time programming to promote healthy social and emotional development, academic achievement, cultural enrichment, college and career exploration, and healthy life skills for our middle and high school girls.  As a result, Imagine Me girls develop skills in leadership, positive character, personal accountability, communication, listening and a host of other life skills that are foundational to the pursuit and achievement of their goals throughout life. 

Grade Ranges:
6-8, 9-12

How are most of your sites currently operating?

Are you planning on offering virtual programming during the summer of 2021? Yes

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person summer programs in 2021? No

  • How many sites could you operate?
  • How many children could you serve per site?

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person afterschool programs during the 2021-2022 school year? Yes

  • How many sites could you operate? 2 schools, 1 off campus site
  • How many children could you serve per site? 20+

What counties are are you interested in working in?
Baltimore, Baltimore City

What types of programming do you offer?
Tutoring, Homework Support, Science/STEM, Cultural Awareness, Social-Emotional Learning, Mentoring, Career and College Readiness, Physical Activity/Exercise, Field Trips

  • Additional services:

Do you have ESSA approval in any county in Maryland? Yes

  • If yes, which counties? Baltimore City

Do you provide transportation to your programs? Yes

Are you interested in partnering with other program providers? Yes

  • Briefly describe the kind of partnerships you may be looking for: Open to collaboration.

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