Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc

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Nevada Winrow


(443) 865-6461

Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc

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Brief Program Description:
STREAMS is an ocean science-based, informal science learning program that integrates STEM with SCUBA and scientific diving, and mentorship. Students attend classes on Saturday either face-to-face or online. Online classes are composed of synchronous and asynchronous classes. The synchronous classes allow students from all sites to participate as a larger group. The asynchronous format allows for learning to occur on-demand; students can review class information and utilize pedagogical tools at their convenience (i.e., simulators, videos, etc.). Moreover, the online platform allows media-based mentoring. At the end of every year, students participate in a capstone experience where they are given an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills learned throughout the year. There are eight (8) components: SCUBA and scientific diving, robotics (i.e., drone and ROV), marine/ocean science and conservation, STEM adjacent activities, the Arts, College/career readiness, Capstone and an internship. All these components are designed to engage students, build skills, allow for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, and effective communication. The skills gained from these experiences allow students to understand the interconnected nature of marine science and provide a strong foundation and mentorship for future engagement in various STEM fields and future careers.

Grade Ranges:
6-8, 9-12

How are most of your sites currently operating?
In-person, Hybrid

Are you planning on offering virtual programming during the summer of 2021? Yes

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person summer programs in 2021? Yes

  • How many sites could you operate? 1
  • How many children could you serve per site? 50

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person afterschool programs during the 2021-2022 school year? Yes

  • How many sites could you operate? 1
  • How many children could you serve per site? 30

What counties are are you interested in working in?
Baltimore, Baltimore City

What types of programming do you offer?
Science/STEM, 21st Century Skills, Mentoring, Service Learning Opportunities, Field Trips

  • Additional services:

Do you have ESSA approval in any county in Maryland? No

  • If yes, which counties?

Do you provide transportation to your programs? No

Are you interested in partnering with other program providers? No

  • Briefly describe the kind of partnerships you may be looking for:

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