the Board Room Chess Inc

Contact Name:
Kim Hicks


(410) 370-7385

the Board Room Chess Inc

Organization Website:

Brief Program Description:
The Board Room – Chess, defining purpose and strengthening values, self esteem and integrity one pawn at a time. We are committed to creating safe spaces for our youth to develop, learn and interact while learning the game of chess. Chess is used to promote critical and cognitive thought as well as planning and decision making. Life skills and life situations are incorporated in chess strategies to promote position decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork and planning ahead. Together with our community partners we equip and empower youth in underserved communities through co-curricular educational initiatives and programs that are youth focused. We envision youth with high self esteem, capable of making positive decisions and showing respect and responsibility for all members.

Grade Ranges:
K-5, 6-8, 9-12

How are most of your sites currently operating?
In-person, Hybrid, Virtual

Are you planning on offering virtual programming during the summer of 2021? Yes

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person summer programs in 2021? Yes

  • How many sites could you operate? 3
  • How many children could you serve per site? 40

Do you have the capacity to provide in-person afterschool programs during the 2021-2022 school year? Yes

  • How many sites could you operate? 3
  • How many children could you serve per site? 40

What counties are are you interested in working in?
Baltimore City

What types of programming do you offer?
Cultural Awareness, Other Services

  • Additional services: Chess Lessons

Do you have ESSA approval in any county in Maryland? No

  • If yes, which counties?

Do you provide transportation to your programs? No

Are you interested in partnering with other program providers? Yes

  • Briefly describe the kind of partnerships you may be looking for: The Board Room Chess Inc looks to partner with organizations and communities looking to promote and help develop critical thinking skills and cognitive thought among youth ages 5-19. Cognitive thought includes various attention types, memory, logic and reasoning as well as visual processing. Youth ages 5 and older can benefit through learning the game of chess. We have partnered with schools and other community organizations to promote learning through the discovery of chess. Our virtual program is international and youth get to meet other chess players from as far away as India and Africa.

Additional notes/comments:
Our chess coaches have a combined 60 years experience playing, teaching and coaching chess. All coaches are required to pass background checks. The Board Room Chess looks to expand chess learning to 3-5 year olds incorporating reading and game play associated with that age group.